Conducting Accredited TM44 AC Inspections

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In order to be fully compliant with the necessary legislation, your air conditioning system must be assessed every five years. At Air Con Energy Solutions Ltd, our technicians are fully accredited to complete TM44 AC inspections and provision reports detailing their findings. To maintain our accreditation, and provide the best service possible, all of our air conditioning assessments are carried out to a high, professional standard. Alongside inspections, we also install a variety of top-quality AC units.

Preparing for the Assessment

To select the equipment to be inspected, we follow the guidelines set out in CIBSE TM44 2012 and consider the client’s business requirements. We don’t want to reduce your efficiency by stopping your workforce from completing their day-to-day duties, so whenever possible we select systems that are found in unoccupied areas. The final piece of preparation before the assessment is the production of a full health and safety package before we commence with the work. This ensures that all of our assessors wear the appropriate protective clothing while onsite.

Filling out the Reports

Once the data gathering portion of the project is complete, and a full-system photographic portfolio has been produced, the assessors complete the reports. Enhanced reports can be produced to include photographs of any issues or to support recommendations. An ACE Wizard report can also be completed, if required

The reports are quality checked prior to being sent to the client. They are delivered in PDF format but watermarked “not for issue”. Once any changes have been made, and the client has approved the report, it is lodged with the Landmark registry. The report and certificate are then forwarded to the client in a PDF format for them to retain for five years. If the client was to have an electronic issue in the future, we can retrieve the documents and forward them on at no additional charge.

Why Should a Client Have an Assessment?

  • The Assessment Is a Legal Requirement
  • The Report’s Recommendations Can Save Money by Reducing Energy Consumption
  • The Assessor Checks the Effectiveness of the Maintenance Contractor
  • The Report Provides Further Advice and Information from the Government
  • The Report Enhances a Company’s ‘Green’ Credentials
  • The Report Is Mandatory to All Companies Operating an ISO14001

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