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Where Does the Legislation Originate from?

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) was first adopted in 2002. The recast directive, adopted in May 2010, replaced the original directive from 1st February, 2012, and will be progressively implemented from January 2013. The directive requires member states across Europe to put in place “measures to establish a regular inspection of air conditioning systems of an effective-rated output of more than 12 kW”.

In the UK, separate legislation has been introduced in England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland that requires building owners or managers to undertake regular inspections of air conditioning systems. The regulations and requirements relating to air conditioning system inspections for England and Wales have now been in place for more than three years, and for a slightly shorter period for Northern Ireland and Scotland. The principle guidance for the inspections is contained in CIBSE TM44 2012.


Which Systems Require an Air Conditioning Inspection Known as ‘TM44’?

Throughout Europe there is a legal requirement for the regular inspection of air conditioning systems with a cooling duty capacity greater than 12 kW. In the UK, this is supported by regulatory structures that include the accreditation of those who carry out inspections and the quality assessment of inspections and inspection reports

In basic terms, any site with a combined cooling duty of more than 12kW needs to be inspected. For example, a small office would have approximately 3kW, therefore, if you have four or more small offices, then the site will require an inspection. Systems which serve cellars, cold rooms, oil coolers, and chillers used solely for a manufacturing process are not included.


Who Can Complete an Air Conditioning Energy Report?

Only accredited personnel can complete a TM44 energy report.



Yes. The purpose of the inspection known as TM44 is to give a client cost-effective recommendations on how to save money by reducing the energy consumed by the air conditioning system.


Is There a Fine for Not Having a Report?

The government’s trading standards departments across the UK can fine any company which does not have an inspection completed.



If you have, or are in the process of obtaining, ISO14001 environmental quality standard then you will need this report. Failure to have this report will result in nonconformity.


How Often Do I Need This Inspection Carried out?

The inspection should be carried out every five years.


Does All the Equipment on a Site Need to Be Inspected?

No. A sample of the equipment on site has to be inspected following the sampling criteria set out in the CIBSE TM44 2012.

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